Application Services

With advances in cloud, mobility and other enabling technologies, applications hold more potential than ever to digitally re-master businesses for the future. Bridge your core business to these innovations by renovating older applications, implementing new applications and deploying SaaS.

ISquareSoft is a technology services company offering a full range of software development services that innovate ideas into real-world applications with cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of verticals and business domains. Our flexible engagement models provide you with the ability to enhance your business agility and deliver better quality services and provide complete and comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our technical team follows Agile methodoligies to build your solution.

ISquareSoft designed, developed, and deployed a wide variety of custom software development solutions for specialized business markets. ISquareSoft’s developers combine mature processes and have diverse capabilities for handling software development life cycle projects for clients. Each of the development phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked by our customers. Our web applications are not only well-designed but also business ready. With the latest tools and technologies, frameworks and proven methodologies, our experts create enterprise web apps.