Cloud Services

We provide next-gen cloud services to help organizations to realize the potential of the cloud. The need for data processing is increasing day by day Coudcomouting is playing the major role of all computing needs in all industries. Isquare provides customized cloud computing services to meet our client needs.

ISquareSoft Dell BoomiAtomShpere Cloud Integration Platform – Center of Excellence.

ISquareSoft has chosen Dell Boomi’sAtomShpere Cloud Integration Platform to build iPaaS capability due to its uniqueness, ease of use and less expenditure of Capital to build solutions before productionizing the actual solution, to help incur fewer costs, exact visibility of business expectations makes it more comfortable in implementing the Integration Services over the cloud.

Dell Boomi’sAtomSphere is being rated as # 1 by Gartner forthe last 3 years makes us motivated to build the competency and provide cost-effective solutions with quality using our Enterprise Service Framework. Isquare has built solutions in Logistics, Education, Telecom and Retail using Dell Boomi’sAtomSphere Cloud Integration Platform.

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